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Improving Preschool Teachers Attitude towards The Persona Doll Approach And Determining The Effectiveness of Persona Doll Training Procedures, by Ebru Aktan Acar & Hilal Şensoy

Using persona dolls as an anti-oppressive technique in the south african social work curriculum, by Carol Smith

Using Persona Dolls to Learn Empathy,  Unlearn Prejudice by Carol Smith by Juliet Mickelburgh

The Persona Doll Project by Mary Ellin Louge

Story Telling with Persona Dolls

Empathy and Personal Experiences of Trainees in an Emotional Literacy and Persona Doll Programme in South Africa by Barnfather & Amod

Why Persona Dolls by Carol Smith

Persona Dolls and anti-bias curriculum practice with young children: A case study of Early Chidhood Development Teachers by Carol Smith